'Enshoring the Future' - Shoring Innovation to Come

01 Apr

British standards may come and go as do the latest industry trends and buzz words but how much has really changed in shoring in recent years?

We may have seen recent innovations as diverse as load monitoring with its associated telemetry capable of constantly monitoring your strut loads as well as simple ideas such as inflatable shoring for trench support. What will be the next ‘big thing’ in shoring for excavations

On a recent trip to Norway, whilst browsing a magazine in the hotel lobby it appears that a group of Norwegian materials scientists have recently managed to modify the molecular structure of a new ‘steel-like material’ so that it can span huge distances at almost half the weight of the equivalent current steel materials. I had heard of Swedish Steel before but not this Norwegian equivalent.

The material known only as ‘X-5537’ is still in early development and is currently undergoing strength and stability tests but early results indicate that it may exhibit compression properties similar to steel but that it could also have the same fire performance properties as concrete!

A spokesman for the development steering group has said:
"Many companies are understandably very interested in investigating potential uses for this new miracle material and some have even started to register patents. We hope ‘X-5537’ will be available for manufacture some time early next spring with an estimated production date of 01/04/2014."

‘X-5537’ will be licensed under the recently registered trade name of ‘Spaniumimpossiblum’ and will be marketed by the Everbeenhad Consortium.

We will of course keep you posted on any further developments as they occur but for now make a note of that date when you heard it first 01/04/2014!

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