Podcast: Groundforce Shorco Helps Gothenburg Realise Transport Ambitions

20 Mar
In 2023 Gothenburg is proudly celebrating its 400 year anniversary, this is a city renowned for its impressive infrastructure and futuristic transport schemes. As Sweden’s second city, it boasts the largest harbour in Scandinavia and a 190km tram network, the biggest in northern Europe.

As the city expands and develops, Gothenburg’s tram network is currently nearing capacity thereby generating a need to increase transport networks. The seemingly obvious solution would be to emulate other major urban areas by tunnelling to create underground rail links. In Gothenburg, however, these aspirations have long been frustrated by the prevalence of soft clay ground which has made such developments seem impossible.

This podcast, produced by ‘Engineering Matters’ reflects on how Groundforce Shorco is making Gothenburg’s construction vision become a reality. Groundforce’s Richard Dawson, Senior Operations Manager and Sam Oldroyd, European Sales manager together with Project Manager, Olaf Buerger, bring the project to life in this episode as they draw on decades of collective industry experience to reveal how high end modular hydraulic props, installed at a span of 50 metres, are overcoming the difficult soft ground conditions to allow for safe construction of the central rail station and beyond.

Listen to discover how the project is progressing and how Groundforce are also helping to build Scandinavia’s tallest skyscraper and aid construction of the 8km train line of which 6km will be underground.

Listen to the podcast here

Tony Gould
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