Podcast: Groundforce Shorco Propping up Vienna

27 Oct
Podcast: Groundforce Shorco Propping up Vienna

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, known worldwide as The City of Music, is fine tuning the way that it implements underground construction projects. In an expansion of its metro system, hydraulic props have been temporarily installed to hold back pressure from the earth during construction of a critical new station. These innovative supports are reusable, create less waste than other temporary measures and deliver a more favourable environmental solution.

In this episode ‘Engineering Matters’ partner with Groundforce Shorco to explore the implications of the various stages of work. Groundforce veterans Peter Richardson, Major Projects Director, Europe, together with Major Projects General Manager, Mark Whitmore, talk us through the important strategies of early planning and design as they explain the detailed rationale behind the choice of equipment deployed as well as the precise nature of the methodology used.

Tony Gould joins Peter and Mark as he shares decades of anecdotal experience within the shoring industry. Tony, a pioneer in the field of hydraulic supports, takes us on a fascinating whirlwind tour through the history of propping from the days even predating fax machines, where hand calculations were the order of the day and all correspondence was conducted by post. Now with props huge in comparison to those early days, Tony discusses the emergence of load monitoring and thermal load calculations commonly used in today’s modern temporary works designs.

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Tony Gould
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