Groundforce Training launches one-day EUSR refresher

09 Sep

Another industry first from Groundforce Training as the CITB ATO gives exclusive access to shoring training refresher course.

An exclusive one-day EUSR (Energy and Utility Skills Register) shoring training refresher course has been launched by the dedicated training division of specialist construction supplier Groundforce.

Groundforce Training were the first and continue to be the only accredited company with a national provision of and ‘open’ course dates for the triple qualification 2 day Energy & Utility Skills Register (EUSR) Install, Inspect & Remove Timber (Category 3), Steel (Category 4) and Proprietary (Category 5) Shoring Training course. 

Now, in another industry scoop, Groundforce Training is introducing a one-day refresher for this course, for individuals who have qualified within the past three years. Those who may have forgotten to renew will have a 30-day grace period to obtain the qualification or will need to re-sit the full two-day course. 

CITB grant claimable at £120 per person for levy-paying organisations, the one-day refresher by the CITB ATO (Approved Training Organisation) also helps employers by minimising their employees’ time spent off-site. 

Groundforce Training was a vociferous supporter of the EUSR’s removal in 2015 of the course title ‘Deep excavation training’ and welcomed the new formulation of installation, inspection and removal of shoring systems training solely based on ground conditions. 

Since this change, Groundforce Training has helped to qualify literally thousands of groundworkers. Its team of directly employed instructors have been instrumental in driving down the use of the term ‘Deep excavation’ within the industry and refocusing on risk assessing all excavations independently.

The division’s concentration on ‘live’ digging, temporary works and practical instruction (no concrete pits or false environments) has led to excellent candidate feedback, on the quality of instruction and the ease of which employers can place their candidates onto specialist courses locally.

Chris Gearren, general manager of Groundforce Training, said: “The extensive range of courses we provide has made us an extremely popular choice for individuals, and companies who want to ensure their staff are trained to the highest standards, and obtain industry recognised excavation training qualifications. So, we are now very proud to announce this new refresher course as it will help to ensure that many more workers keep their qualifications up to date.”

Part of the Vp plc group, Groundforce Shorco’s expertise in excavation and temporary works excellence goes back 40 years, during which time innovations in both protective equipment and safety training has greatly helped to minimise risks to those working in and around excavations of all sizes and depths.