We've got the Power

15 Dec

In response to increasing market pressures to reduce carbon footprint, Groundforce Attachment’s piling division is now offering a range of closed hydraulic Power Packs which are both more efficient and less harmful to the environment. Thanks to its ‘smart control system’ design, the new fuel-efficient Power Pack offers fuel savings of between 10 and 15%. This means that the Power Pack defaults into ‘economy’ mode or idles until the system reaches the optimum operating conditions.

The drive to prioritise the environment as a central focus is integral to Groundforce Attachments’ product offering. James Burchell, Groundforce Attachments Director comments; “As a business, our attitude to environmental management is becoming a key focus, with customers expecting high standards of environmental awareness. We are committed to sourcing innovative products and new solutions for our customers in order to provide the widest range of sustainable piling and foundation equipment to the construction, civil engineering and utilities sectors.”

The new quiet but robust Power Pack boasts an electronic remote control panel, high breakdown sensing technology and easily accessible components for practical maintenance. These built-in contemporary design features mean the Power Packs run more quietly and economically, therefore enabling the contractor to work more efficiently and with less disturbance to the surrounding area.