My Hires: Groundforce’s new 24-hour service puts customers firmly in control

08 Feb
Groundforce is pleased to announce the launch of My Hires, the fresh and innovative online tool which delivers a fundamental change in approach to the way in which Groundforce customers interact with their online accounts.

My Hires is integrated into the main website where customers can access a fully responsive 24-hour service. To use the system, existing customers enter the same login details as for Groundforce’s Technical Library while new customers follow a simple account registration process.

Customer led innovation

With priorities in construction and utilities often shifting on a weekly or even daily basis, it is imperative that stakeholders and site managers are able to respond quickly to changing conditions and requirements.

With this in mind, customers using My Hires will now be able to off-hire, extend existing hires, and track deliveries inside or outside of business hours, therefore eliminating the need to first contact a hire desk. The usual hire desk will also remain in place for customers who prefer a more personal approach or require specific technical advice.

Groundforce Attachments customers can also hire online, adding even more flexibility to the hiring process.

My Hires provides online access to most Groundforce divisions, including:

Building on excellence

As specialists in the construction, utilities, and civils sectors, Groundforce continues to innovate and build on the experience and strong industry relationships developed over their proud 40-year history.