Groundforce: Providing the Complete Solution for AMP7 Projects

05 May

With exposure to civils and construction markets spanning over forty years, Groundforce’s mission to provide the complete solution has seen the company evolve into a group of specialist core divisions, collectively able to offer AMP7/utilities contractors the ultimate one-stop-shop for all their requirements.

Groundforce supply equipment for shoring, piling, cropping, pipe and air pressure testing and temporary bridges; all supported by a range of EUSR accredited training courses. A recent major investment in fleeted products and technology based systems means Groundforce is well positioned to support contractors working on their AMP7 projects.

An unrivalled portfolio

Groundforce continues to react to customer demands with innovations such as ‘Your Solution’, an interactive temporary works design tool allowing customers to generate an instant detailed standard design solution, ideal for emergency out-of-hours works. The system allows users to input their preference of Manhole Box, Trench Box or a sheets and frames solution, with the facility to input the presence of groundwater.

Water treatment contractors that require a reactive and fast response benefit greatly from Groundforce Shorco’s lightweight range of shoring equipment: lightweight shoring products incorporate fast, manageable solutions for smaller projects such as those found in utilities. Groundforce Shorco supply lightweight Backhoe Boxes, Aluminium Waler Frames, Quick Access Boxes, Modular Aluminium Panel (MAP) Boxes and vertical shores with optional EKOply backing boards. All shoring solutions are fully complemented with a comprehensive range of LadderSafe and edge protection systems.

Bridging the gap for AMP7

Safe on site access is made possible thanks to Groundforce Bridge who provide site access with temporary bridges capable of supporting a range of loads and vehicles, covering spans of 4 to 12m. The flat pack modular design means the bridges can be installed onsite by a small team and lorry loader within 1 working day. This division of Groundforce offers one of the fastest and most cost efficient temporary bridging solutions available. Products include: Lightweight Step-Bridges, Trench Crossing Units and Aluminium Bridges. National deliveries come as standard and form just a small part of the exceptional customer support experienced by Groundforce Bridge customers.

Piletec & Mr Cropper: An Alliance of design and sustainability

Environmental sustainability is something we take very seriously at Groundforce and recognise that building a safer future for everyone in the construction sector is of paramount importance. This ethos is epitomised through our flagship excavator attachments division. Once laborious tasks plagued with safety concerns can now be performed quickly and efficiently from within the safe confines of the excavator cab.

Piletec and Mr Cropper supply a range of piling equipment and croppers to the water and utility sectors, including: Culvert Pullers, Larssen Sheet Piles, Heavy Duty Croppers and Trench Cutters. A range of Excavator Mounted Vibrators (EMVs) are also available for sheet piling and trench sheet installation. With a full range of attachments available and an online ordering system, Piletec & Mr Cropper can help prepare, install and reinstate essential infrastructure on all your AMP7 based projects.

Pipe pressure testing and flow control

Groundforce’s Stopper Specialist division assists the utilities, water, construction and civil industries. BS ISO accredited equipment is available for pipeline repairs, pressure testing or temporarily blocking the flow of water or other pipeline transported materials. Recent innovations include the PressureTest+ app which delivers real-time data; providing an instant, onsite pass or failure analysis, along with test recommendations and GPS tracking conforming to IGN 4-01-03 for pressure testing.

Essential service providers often require a fast response, together with a high level of customer service. Having gained respect in the area of pipe testing and flow control, Stopper Specialists have been selected as the chosen supplier to deliver AMP7 programmes; this is testament to their exceptional portfolio of products, services and expertise in this niche market.

Specialist training provider

Operating alongside their sister company Groundforce Shorco, Groundforce Training offer a wide range of Energy and Utilities Skills Register (EUSR accredited training courses, providing delegates with both practical and classroom based knowledge.  As a CITB Approved Training Organisation (ATO) the division ensures levy payers are able to claim back for the vast majority of course offerings.

Directly employed national safety instructors cater for those working in utilities, civil engineering and construction. A small sample of popular courses are available for contractors working across the utilities and AMP7 projects, including: the full suite of SHEA Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness courses, such as SHEA Water and National Water Hygiene, EUSR Butt & Electrofusion welding, Install, Inspect and Remove Shoring Systems, Locate Utility Services (HSG47), Safe Digging, Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Flange Jointing, Water Quality Sampling, Legionella, and Chlorination Procedures.