Groundforce Shorco adds a 4.5m Manhole Box to its portfolio

08 Feb
New 4.5m Manhole Box from Groundforce Shorco fills the gap.

A 4.5m Manhole Box that is a sought-after shoring solution when installing precast concrete rings up to 3m in diameter has been added to leading UK construction solutions supplier, Groundforce Shorco’s fleet.

The new 4.5m Manhole Box joins the portfolio of Groundforce Shorco, and as with the existing range, is available with a top box. It has been designed to fill the gap between 5.0m and 4.0m boxes.

With a 5.0m box too big and heavy for the construction of 3.0m diameter precast concrete manhole rings, and the 4.0m too small, the new 4.5m Manhole Box is the ideal solution.

The new 4.5m box, which is also 27% lighter than the 5.0m, will accommodate the installation of a 3.0m precast concrete ring, with the added advantage of allowing use with a lighter class 21-tonne excavator.

Groundforce Shorco’s new 4.5m Manhole Box which is suitable for trench depths down to 5.5m can also be ordered directly from the Groundforce website, via the YourSolution interactive design tool for temporary works.