Remote Pressure Testing hits new heights with Stopper Specialists

18 Oct

Next-generation system launched by Groundforce’s Stopper Specialists division.

A unique remote pressure testing system which is user-friendly and instantly advises the customer of test passes or an issue should one arise has been launched by Stopper Specialists.

The introduction of the next-generation Remote Pressure Testing package makes the leading pipe testing and flow control specialists from Groundforce the only Type II test provider to offer an app that delivers results in real time and direct to the operator.

The addition to Stopper Specialists’ product portfolio comprises a logger-integrated app and JointManager website to complete and report on the New lay pipelines (PE and PVC) – Type II Test – the Pressure Decay test to check the integrity of newly-laid pipes.

The new Bluetooth logger connects to the pipe to detect the pressure and to the app so the data can be accessed. These have been developed in conjunction with Control Point, specialists in the providing real time inspection and monitoring equipment to the industry. 

The test process begins with the pipeline being filled with water and the air being removed. The pipe is then taken up to the required test pressure, the test left on for a pre-determined period of time which is based upon the time taken to achieve test pressure and the pressure loss recorded and decay plotted. The data is then filtered through the app’s algorithms which indicate whether the pipe has passed or failed. A certificate may be produced.

The app monitors the pipeline pressure and calculates the volume of water required to fill the pipeline, with warnings if theoretical static head or volume is exceeded, as well as air content, and any leaks during decay. There are also options to save the test from the app to the logger for long-term testing. Any smart phone with the app loaded can resume the test. 

All the test data is then sent to the JointManager website, where it can be reviewed by an authorised user, ready for export to a third party system. Any borderline status can be updated manually after being reviewed by an engineer.

The benefits of Stopper Specialists’ Remote Pressure Testing system are that it produces a simple pass or fail direct to the operators who do not have to be as skilled as there is no plotting or drawing required.

A potential fail can be identified at an early stage, giving the operator the option of restarting the test. Alerts for potential fails include texts or emails to the user and managers, reducing the downtime typically associated with test fails. A reading every 10 seconds automatically irons out abnormal spikes, such as a lorry parking on a pipe.

In addition, multiple users can log into the logger to view the test results. There are also digital records of all passes, fails, pipe material data and personnel who performed the works, to give ownership of the test and traceability of the pipe for any future problems. 

Stopper Specialists’ Remote Pressure Testing system features GPS accuracy to five metres and is deliberately low-powered so the battery lasts a long time, with Bluetooth only enabled to send data to phone.

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