The Water Barrier can be adapted to any surface from ditches to pavements and even stairs. The barrier does not need to be on hard standing ground and is effective on most surfaces.

    As the barriers are made from a high quality PVC, it is very resistant to abrasion and wear.

    Pollution Control

    The Water Barrier can be used for ground pollution, and river pollution control.

    Once rolled out in minutes it can contain oil or chemical spills on the ground. The barrier can be put in place, even after the pollution has already started. Whatever the pollutant’s speed, viscosity or density the Water Barrier dam can contain the spillage. The integrated weights prevent any of the chemical spillage from seeping under the dam, and the barrier is designed so that the actual spillage applies pressure to the barrier base ensuring unrivalled performance. The barriers are available in different sizes to suit all spillages.

    Controlling Chemical and Oil Spills

    The Water Barrier can be used in rivers to contain pollution. These barriers are available in different sizes to suit most watercourses. The barriers can be used for clearing oil spills from watercourses. This is because the water sinks to the bottom of the barrier, and the oil can be diverted off from the surface using the overflow device to collect the oil, leaving the water clean.
    The barrier can be bent at any desired point, in any direction allowing extreme flexibility. This means the spillage can be contained or diverted to a location of your choice. As the barriers are modular and can be connected to each other without loss of performance, there are combinations available to suit every need.

    The barriers have a chemical resistance of 12 hours for most inorganic acids, bases, hydrocarbons, polar solvents, and other solvents. The materials are also designed to withstand temperatures of between -40°C up to 50°C and hence is usable in all climates.


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