Clear Spans

The pressures of urban development have led to a trend for ever larger basement constructions, often to accommodate underground parking. These types of projects require large scale temporary support whilst the basement area is excavated. To facilitate the ongoing works, strut centres need to be spaced as widely as the structure will allow and intermediate support, such as support towers or sacrificial piles need to be avoided if at all possible.

  • 50m spans achieved
  • Raking Struts eliminated
  • Clear Working Space

1220mm Super Extensions

To cater for the demand for large unsupported prop spans, Groundforce have developed modular 1220mm Super Extensions for the MP250 (2500kN) and MP500 Hybrid (5000kN) struts. These steel tubes come in 12m, 8m, 4m, 2m and 1m lengths and incorporate a flange that is slightly offset to induce a pre camber into the strut to combat sag due to self weight.

The Super Extensions can be attached to standard MP250 components using a tapered adaptor or fixed directly to the end flange on the MP500 Hybrid strut.

  • With MP250 Strut - 2500kN to a maximum unsupported span of 45m
  • With MP500 Hybrid – 5000kN to a maximum unsupported span of 35m
  • Pre-cambered to reduce secondary moments
  • Modular format for ease of transportation and assembly

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