Innovative Solutions

Groundforce Shorco are always striving to develop features and benefits to enhance the product offerings.
Welded Shear Stop
Designed to resist the shear from non perpendicular props attached to a steel waling beam

Bolted Restraint
Bolted plates act as shear stops which are designed to resist the lateral movement induced by the prop
Birds Mouth Adaptor
This piece of equipment is used to connect a prop to either a capping beam or slab edge
Raking Strut Adaptor
Provides a connection between waler and prop whilst ensuring efficient load transfer
Cast - In Shear Stub
Steel section to provide restraint to non perpendicular medium load props to an RC capping beam

Gallows Brackets
Support the self weight of the shoring system and are either welded or bolted to the structure
Cast - In Steel Corbel
Steel sections for conneting non-perpendicular high load props to an RC capping beam
Hydraulic Isolation 
A variety of methods are available to isolate the hydraulic element of the system
Cast - In Shear Key 
This bespoke design comes from the steel section to further resist lateral movement
Bespoke Fabrications
Scheme specific fabrication solutions