Grundomat (Moling) Operator Training

About Grundomat (Moling) Operator Training

This safety training instructs individuals on the use of 'moles' as part of a trenchless solution to work activities. Delegates will learn how to safely and correctly use the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer, and its operating accessories for a variety of utility pipe, duct, cable and displacement operations. 

In addition to theoretical assessments there are practical assessments, which incorporate correct site set up and assembly and safety systems of work. Some of the topics covered are: specific legislation and safety awareness, basic operating principles and techniques, allied accessories and special interchangeable heads and cones, various ground conditions, direct towing in of PVC/PE ducts and pipes, correct air pressure and air hoses, discussion of a typical job site showing correct operational training, on-site theoretical problem solving, planning. locating utilities, decommissioning of equipment, troubleshooting, basic operator precaution and maintenance issues. 

The one day course can accommodate up to 8 delegates per day.

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