Groundforce Training CITB Levy Scheme

Groundforce Training is an approved ATO organisation

Groundforce Training is a leading construction industry training provider that has qualified for Approved Training Organisation (ATO) status. Since 2018, CITB has restructured its relationship with training providers by stipulating that a defined industry standard must be upheld in order to participate as an ATO.

Companies eligible for grants when using an ATO registered training provider

With safety in construction under constant scrutiny, there never has been a better time to book one of our eligible courses to qualify for a grant payment. Note, the grant payment is per person and not just for a group. Meaning the more people trained, the higher the potential grant.

Seamless administration of the claim back process with Groundforce Training

Groundforce Training, as an ATO, is fully responsible for making Levy Claims on behalf of Levy paying organisations for grant eligible courses. All we require is that organisations ask their candidates do their part by simply completing a form with the CITB required details. This is simple as we provide the forms on every training course. The specific information required by the CITB is as follows:

  • Name and address

  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • National Insurance Number
  • CITB Levy Number

The Groundforce Training administration team will take these details and upload them to CITB’s secure portal ensuring candidates are signed up to Construction Training Register (CTR)

Claiming more eligible money back than the average provider

During a 2020 audit by the CITB it was found that Groundforce Training are in the top 10% of ATO’s Claiming back the grants for Levy Paying organisations. You can trust we will follow the process via our proven track record.

Take advantage of the CITB Levy and get industry leading safety instruction with Groundforce Training

To be eligible for the grants, the courses must be booked through the ATO, the course(s) must be grant eligible, and your organisation must be registered with the CITB. Groundforce Training continues to invest in a wide range of courses delivered from our flagship training facility and through a nationwide network of training centres: as such we have multiple courses on offer which qualify for the cashback levy. If you are unsure if a course is eligible for claim back please check with us.

More delegates means more savings

Taking advantage of the scheme will bring significant savings, especially when there is a need to train a larger group of delegates. Depending on the specific course, a cashback amount of either £30, £70 or £120 is available as a direct return from the cost of the course.

When you consider that the grant is paid per person, a group of 8 delegates claiming the grant on a course qualifying for £120 cashback would return close on £1000. 

For more information, see the Levy, grants and funding section of the CITB website.