CPCS A40 Slinger Signaller

This course is suitable for anyone who requires training in slinging & signalling. Sometimes referred to as slinger banksman.

The CPCS Slinger Signaller category allows for endorsements to be added against a wide range of lifting equipment types to cover the tasks slingers carry out within lifting operations. The most popular course is CPCS A40a as this covers all duties.

Specifically, the endorsements are:

a – All Types – all duties
b – All Types – static duties
c – Knuckle boom static only
d – Excavator only
e – Lift truck only

The course duration depends on experience. Typically, the A40 Novice course is 3 or 4 days (2 or 3 day course plus 1 day for testing) or A40 Experienced is typically 2 days (1 day course plus 1 day for testing).

Course Objectives A40a Slinger Signaller – All Duties

  • Define Slinger Signaller roles & responsibilities
  • Explore and analyse all relevant legislation and regulations
  • Carry out pre-use inspection checks, identify communication method and lifting accessory prior to lifting
  • Maintain safe working situations
  • Conform with manufacturer’s requirements as per technical data
  • Explain procedures for placing non-serviceable items out-of-service
  • Establish the weight and dimensions of loads, identify centres of gravity and ensure load balance, security and integrity
  • Communicate the weight and dimensions of loads to the crane operator, direct and guide the movement of loads to different types of locations (accurate placement)
  • Employ clear and unambiguous signals to direct the actions of a crane moving loads
  • Secure various types of loads to a lifting hook using the relevant lifting accessories
  • Carry out-of-service and securing procedures.
  • Check equipment for function and serviceability including slings.
  • Lift 3 different loads from ground level to various specifications including, 180° and 360° slews.
  • Land the loads at various points with various different radius.
  • Secure all loads and ensure they are made safe following each activity.

Entry Requirements

CITB Health, Safety and Environment test completed and passed within the last two years before the course start date or CPCS test date.



Upon successful completion of both the theory & practical tests the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) Red Trained Operators Card is awarded, valid for two years.

Next Steps

Register and complete the NVQ Level 2 to achieve CPCS blue competence card, valid for 5 years.