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Utility Equipment

U Mole established themselves 25 years ago with the goal to specifically service needs of what was then a fledgling trenchless industry. The company have in that time become a leading provider of trenchless technology equipment for both sale and rental offering high quality equipment and service across the UK and Ireland. 

They have since broadened their products and services to enable them to better service the general utility and civils sectors, investing heavily in core products as well as expanding branch depots across the UK to further ensure they deliver what their clients want, when they want it. Also introducing the icon system as a quick guide to which sector would use which product, either  Civils, Power, Water or Gas. 

U Mole also have a proud history of bringing innovation to the market so please keep an eye out for our 'NEW' icons to show the products that have recently been added to the range. 

Seamless Solutions with U Mole

Replace or repair buried utilities with trenchless technology that helps to reduce the ground disturbance associated with subterranean projects. Whether you are looking to save money or reduce the environmental impact of digging up utility pipes, you can find a range of trenchless technology methods that will keep your dig area and running costs to a minimum. Whatever your needs, you can find a solution with U Mole.


Technical Library

Moling Equipment User Guide

Moling Equipment User Guide

User Guide for the U Mole's range of standard impact moles.


Coil Trailer Operation

Coil Trailer Operation

User Guide for the 125 & 180mm Chute Roller and the 90, 125 & 180mm Chute Roller V Series


V Series Coil Pipe Trailer

V Series Coil Pipe Trailer

Technical Specification for the Chute Roller V Series


LP Series Vaccum Excavator

LP Series Vaccum Excavator

Technical Specification for the LP series Vacuum Excavator


Latest from U Mole

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