Hydraulic Magnets

About Hydraulic Magnets

What are hydraulic & excavator magnets?

Excavator Magnets, sometimes referred to as a scrapyard magnet, are hydraulically linked to the excavator’s system to provide a reliable magnetic lift.

What can hydraulic & excavator magnets be used for?

Piletec Excavator Magnets are ideally used to sort scrap metal or for when clearing a site of waste metal.

What are the benefits of hydraulic & excavator magnets?

The Piletec excavator magnet attachment connects quickly and easily to the excavator, saving time and resources. After linking directly with the excavator’s hydraulic circuit, the excavator magnet easily hooks onto the attachment boom and is then operated from a single button.

How to hire a hydraulic & excavator magnets from Piletec?

For more information on hiring hydraulic and excavator magnets, plus a range of Piletec associated excavator attachments, simply follow our Contact Us link or ‘Add to Enquiry Basket’ to find out what’s on offer, or send for a product brochure.


  HMAG700-18-K HMAG900-32-K HMAG1200-48-K HMAG1400-54-K
Working Weight (kg) 350 850 1500 3000
Diameter (mm) 720 950 1250 1450
Power (220 vdc kw) 3 4.9 9 10
Tear-off w/air gap Ømm 300 Lifting Capacity (kg) 5500 10500 15000 18000
Slabs/Blocks Lifting Capacity (kg) 3600 6600 14800 19200
Pig Iron Lifting Capacity (kg) 130 290 580 1000
Scrap Lifting Capacity - grade 3A (kg) 80 200 370 530
Scrap Lifting Capacity - grade 24 (kg) 70 190 360 510
Scrap Lifting Capacity - grade 40 (kg) 40 100 190 240
Hydraulic Input (l/min)  18 32 48 54
Hydraulic Input (max./eff.bar) 350/210 350/210 350/210 350/210

*Electro Magnets and machine mounted generators available upon request. 


All of our Attachments are fulfilled by our sister company Sandhurst industry leaders for excavator attachments.  

Technical Library

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Selector Grabs (Piletec Attachments)

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Digging Clamshells (Piletec Attachments)

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