Groundforce Training Launches Online Booking Service

15 Nov
Groundforce Training has responded to its increasing number of customers, and increasing number of courses, by launching an online booking facility.

More and more customers in the utilities, construction and civil engineering sectors are choosing Groundforce Training as their principal training provider, and keen to ensure that booking a place remains quick and easy, the division has launched the dedicated online service to further its reputation for customer service best practice.

Customers can quickly and confidently secure a place by booking online, negating the need for them to spend time on the phone and receiving instant confirmation with detailed information on the course they have booked.

With an increasing number of courses on offer, this intuitive online system means resources can be fully focussed on providing the best training experience which includes classroom-based understanding enriched with highly practical on-site instruction.

Groundforce Training is an accredited training provider with more than 26 training sites nationwide as well as its flagship 1,400m2 training headquarters in Worksop. Its EUSR-accredited courses and training centre means customers can be assured they are receiving instruction which meets and exceeds current legislation.

The following are the courses ready to book online: 

•    Install, Inspect & Remove Timber & Proprietary Shoring Equipment - EUSR Categories 3 + 5
•    Install, Inspect and Remove Proprietary Shoring Equipment - EUSR Category 5
•    Appreciation of Excavation Safety - EUSR
•    Install, Inspect & Remove Timber Shoring Equipment - EUSR Category 3
•    Install, Inspect & Remove Timber, Steel & Proprietary Shoring Systems - EUSR Categories 3 + 4 + 5
•    Install, Inspect & Remove Steel & Proprietary Shoring Systems - EUSR Cat 4 + 5
•    EUSR Category 1 - Locate Utility Services
•    Excavation Rescue Training - EUSR
•    Implement Safe (Digging) Excavating Practices - EUSR Category 2 
•    Hydrostatic Pressure Testing - EUSR
•    Ladder & Stepladder User - EUSR
•    Ladder & Stepladder Inspection - EUSR
•    Abrasive Wheels Theory & Practical - EUSR
•    Manual Handling - EUSR