Groundforce StudyLink is the result of formalising many years of continued support to young engineers and providing first hand education in the construction sector by opening up the opportunities to all aspiring engineers.

For many years Groundforce has supported young engineers by providing employment, training and education in various forms. Over the last five years in particular, we have sponsored a steady stream of engineers through university on a part time basis. The first two of whom have both emerged with a first class honours degree in Civil Engineering. Buoyed by this success story, we’ve decided to formalise our commitment to developing young engineers through our StudyLink programme.

This project aims to go beyond simply supporting our own engineers through their studies and hopes to offer our experience and expertise in engineering to the many students and graduates in our local area, working with universities, colleges and schools as well as other partners in the industry to promote civil engineering and temporary works.


Guest Lecturers & CPD Presentations

Groundforce has a wealth of practical knowledge and expertise in the temporary works and geotechnical fields. We can offer a variety of lectures to suit undergraduate and postgraduate learners. CPD sessions and Lectures can be provided to universities and to other civil engineering professionals to help to provide a rounded learning experience and provide quality CPD material for young engineers aiming for Chartership.

Likely seminar topics might include: “Calculating earth pressures on temporary sheet piled retaining walls”; “Practical application in deep basement propping”; “Effects of temperature upon steel excavation supports”; “load monitoring on large propping schemes”

A Number of our Engineers are now also signed up as STEM ambassadors working with local STEMNET contract holders to provide learning opportunities for kids of primary and secondary school age. This is a great opportunity to get into the classroom to enthuse the next generation and encourage young minds to consider science and technology as a rewarding and highly respected career choice.

Email us today for further information on our Guest Lectures

Annual Placement Positions and Internships

Each year Groundforce offers a small number of placement positions for civil engineering undergraduates to complete a year in industry. Typically these last between 9 and 12 months depending on the particular course the student is on. The placement will primarily be a position similar to that of a graduate design engineer working in the technical department offices. A full induction and training scheme will be provided including some site experience and workplace shadowing of team members in various other departments.

In addition to the office based work, one of the primary workplace shadowing elements will involve joining the project coordinators on site for two weeks and being involved in the physical installation of kit on site. The training scheme will be geared towards attaining some of the attributes of a chartered engineer described by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

This placement is already in its fourth year, having been successfully completed by exceptional candidates from Coventry University, University of Leeds, University of Bradford and Leeds Beckett University.

And now, the application process is open again for placements for the 2016-17 academic year. Click the “Year in Industry Application” link above to submit your application or click here.